Gymnastics Federation of Fiji Strategy 2016-2020

The Gymnastics’ Federation of Fiji strategic priorities and targets have been set for the 2016-2020 cycle.

Vision Statement:

Gymnastics for every body

Our Purpose:

Gymnastics – positively changing lives through fundamental movement promoting lifelong health and wellbeing for all communities and abilities

Strategic Priorities:

The Gymnastics Federation of Fiji’s strategic priorities for the period 2016-2020 are to:

 Engage & Enthuse Enable

Performance Measurement: -30% of schools involved in gymnastics, 2,500 affiliated athlete members

Strategic initiatives: 1.1 Build the Gymnastics Profile 1.2 Develop and implement a school engagement strategy

Performance measurement: -50 accredited coaches, 12 venues covering all districts

Strategic initiatives: 2.1 Grow the capacity and capability of the workforce 2.2 Grow the capacity and capability of the clubs

Excel Endure

Performance measurement: – Athletes competing internationally in the Oceania region, Gymsports offered at clubs in Fiji are:  GfA, MAG, WAG, ACR, RG & AER, National Championships conducted as a major event offering international invitations to the Oceania and Asia region

Strategic initiatives: 3.1 Develop pathways and programs for all sports that lead to a competition infrastructure

Performance measurement: – GFF recognised by FASANOC & FNSC as a leader in sport governance, GFF is accepted into the Pacific Sport Partnerships Program, GFF applies for minimum two grants & is successful in at least one per year

Strategic initiatives: 4.1 Build financial capabilities of the organisation to achieve the strategic direction 4.2 Build the capability of the board and the organisation 4.3 Build and enhance key stakeholder relationships







Gymnastics Federation of Fiji Strategy 2016 - 2020