Start Gymnastics

So you’re thinking about taking gymnastics classes…


What can you expect when you start gymnastics?

For beginner gymnasts, a class is usually one hour long and will start with a fun and fast moving warm-up to prepare the mind and body for the session ahead.  This is followed by stretches to prepare the muscles. The body of the lesson will include circuits of activities specifically designed to progressively teach skills.  skills are broken down into manageable parts, building from simple to complex. Important to skill development is the inclusion of physical preparation exercises in gymnastics classes. Strength and flexibility activities will often be disguised with games in beginner classes – but just because they are fun, does not make them any less valuable.


Gymnasts may progress to training more hours and more days per week, perhaps participating in competitive gymnastics, performing with a team or simply enjoying new challenges.

There are seven different Gymsports to choose from and many different types of classes. A great way to see whether gymnastics is the sport for you is to contact your local club and ask to observe a session, chat with the co-ordinator and / or coaches.

Good luck and happy handstands!

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