Meet the OGU Parkour Committee

Pita (Peter) Yee ( 


“Hey guys, I’m Pita and I am 25 years old. I am a videographer and also do workshops for parkour. Parkour wasn’t really a thing in Fiji until recently but it’s something I’ve been doing since high-school – jumping over desks and running up and down school halls.

I do parkour because I feel free and move like water through obstacles. Vinaka!”

Pita is a member of Fijiian Parkour group ‘Flight Crew’, who are well known in the island nation. Pita represented Fiji at the 2020 FIG E-FISE Virtual Parkour Championships, and is excited about creating engaging and entertaining events for nations within Oceania.

Pita’s long term vision includes opening a local training gym and using the power of media (and his skills) to share Fijiian Parkour with the world. He is leading the development of the ‘Event Opportunities’ stream within the OGU Parkour plan with Harrison Gabriel.

Stephen Bruce van Huysen (@spacemonkeemusic)


“I started my journey with Parkour as a teenager, experimenting with friends around Auckland City, I started seeing similarities with Gymnastics and got involved with Coaching.

This allowed me to create Parkour programs for clubs that was involved with. I would love to see Kiwis involved with Parkour on the international stage! I believe there are great opportunities for all interests in Parkour and I am keen to be a part of making that happen.”

Stephen is a well-known coach and administrator who has bridged the Gymnastics and Parkour communities for over a decade. He has worked extensively within NZ on development and steering committees for many years.

Stephen’s coaching and management background are an asset to the “Education Opportunities’ stream within the OGU Parkour plan, which he leads in collaboration with Karl Peter and Jacob Leva.

Karl Peter Giwi (@KarlPeterGiwi)


“I want to help build parkour community in PNG to grow and to train and build athletes to represent our country. Together we can teach our youth to be positive and respectful to the sport of Parkour, to think differently, and overcome challenges.”

Karl, AKA BBoyFly40, is a renowned athlete and performer who has been involved with Parkour in Papua New Guinea for over two decades. The former breakdance champion is a qualified gymnastics, yoga, and badminton coach and will be sharing his skills and experience leading Education projects with Stephen Bruce van Huysen and fellow PNG member Jacob Leva.

Jacob Leva


“It is a pleasure and honour to be involved and for OGU to be supportive of getting people in Papua New Guinea interested in this new dimension of activity for young people. ”

Jacob is an experienced teacher, performer and community leader who has worked across music, dance, choreography, art and design. Leading education projects with Karl Peter Giwi and Stephen Bruce van Huysen, Jacob’s experience teaching at international schools in PNG will help create culturally appropriate educational programs for Parkour in our region.

Harrison Gabriel (@harry_gabe)


“I am Harrison Gabriel, Bboy and parkour athlete, hoping one day to be an Olympic parkour athlete. I started parkour in 2015 and just stuck with it due to how fun it felt.

My goal is help negotiate the FIG and Australian Parkour into a great partnership. I’d also like to one day see an Oceanic Parkour competition where everyone in the region competes against one another in a fun, friendly, competitive spirit.”

Harrison is a traceur and Gymnastics coach working at a state and national level in Australia. He has contributed extensively to parkour elements within the freestyle gymnastics program FreeG and is a member of the National Working Group.

Harrison is leading the development of the ‘Event Opportunities’ stream within the OGU Parkour plan, in collaboration with Peter Yee.

Ben Cork 


“I’m Ben Cork and I’ve been involved in sport development for over fifteen years. I’m excited by the enthusiasm, passion and vision which these committee members bring to the table. My role is to help them come together as a team and connect them with the organisations and individuals who can help these dreams become a reality.”

Ben has been involved in competitive and recreational gymnastics programs for over thirty years. He has contributed to the development and growth of emerging disciplines such as TeamGym and FreeG in Australia and participated as a coach and athlete at a national and international level.

Ben has been a member of the FIG Parkour Commission since 2018, and is committed to helping forge connections between communities and share the vision of Parkour co-founder and FIG Commission President Charles Perriere in Oceania.