Oceania Gymnastics Strategy 2017-2020

Oceania Gymnastics’ strategic priorities and targets have been set for the 2017-2020 Olympic cycle.

Vision Statement:

Oceania Gymnastics:  The Blockbuster Sport

Our Purpose:

Grow the sport, make it exciting and secure the future

Strategic Priorities:

Oceania Gymnastics’ strategic priorities for the period 2017-2020 are to:

 Engage Enable

Transformational Strategy – Develop and promote gymnastics by breaking down the misconceptions and advocating the benefits of gymnastics as the fundamental movement program; an essential life skill for a child’s development which will increase the reach and participation of gymnastics in Oceania.

Strategic Priorities –

  • Grow participation levels of gymnastics in Oceania.
  • Target and develop new countries.
  • Build the brand, and profile the physical and health benefits of gymnastics to the Oceania community and key stakeholders.

Transformational Strategy – Build the workforce capacity and capabilities for Gymnastics with enhanced educational opportunities by embracing new technologies that support the National Federations.

Strategic Priorities –

  • Deliver an educational framework and pathway for coaches and judges in Oceania that builds capacity and capability.
Excel Endure

Transformational Strategy – Develop the delivery of all gymnastics disciplines through clearly defined pathways and programs for athletes through an Oceania event strategy.

Strategic Priorities –

  • Develop an event strategy that culminates in an Oceania Championships.
  • Develop pathways that enable international representation at key events of athletes from the emerging countries.

Transformational Strategy – Develop stable, sustainable and effective governance throughout the Oceania that builds partnerships and funding opportunities.

Strategic Priorities –

  • Build the capacity and capabilities of gymnastics in Oceania to attract and leverage funding opportunities.
  • Develop stable, effective and sustainable governance in the OGU and national federations.

Core Behaviours:

We Care

We Help

We Believe

We Innovate

Oceania Gymnastics Strategic Plan 2017 - 2020